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ICT, Multimedia, Web 2.0, Innovation, Leadership, 21st Century Learning, Smart Phones, Smart Technologies, Future Thinking, Digital Citizenship

Greg Gebhart is one of Australia's most sought after presenters. Greg has a wealth of knowledge relating to new technologies, especially in education. He has an ability to relate to and engage young and old. His ability to use humour, mixed with research and real life experiences ensures that every audience is inspired. Greg has keynoted at many of Australia's leading technology and education conferences and has also presented to audiences in the United States of America, Denmark, Bali, South Africa, Qatar, Sweden, Ireland, the UK and New Zealand.

"ISTE Making I.T. Happen Award 2012": Greg was recently awarded the Making I.T. Happen award from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). This global award is for his dedication and passion to ICT and Education at a state, national and international level.

Greg is a guest at the Bali Green School 2012

Greg is awarded ISTE international award 2012 Greg discusses 21st century learning 2013 Greg working in Qatar, 2010 Keynote for IWB conference 2011


Greg recently provided the morning keynote at the 2014 South Australian ACHPER conference in Adelaide. The topic was wearable devices in P.E.

"Wearable Devices" and "The Internet of Things". These are the latest buzz words and emerging technologies. Greg is already in this landscape. He has recenelty provided presentations at the 2014 IWB conference in Melbourne and the 2014 ACEC conference in Adelaide on these topics and technology for 2016.

Video of the month: Ashton Kutcher Inspirational words for teenagers


Greg provided the opening keynote address for the Department of Education and Communities NSW, Northern Sydney region's Assistant Principals conference - "Building the Future" Greg's keynote was "Next Generation Technology, Next Generation Teaching, How exciting!"

NSW Assistant Principals Conference



Greg was a major draw card at last years VITTA 2013 conference. Greg engaged a large audience on apps for education and apps that will streamline your day. The session covered apple and android phones and tablets.

VITTA - Apps

National and International Presenter

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Looking for a fantastic speaker?

  • ICT in Education conferences
  • Staff Professional Development (closure days)
  • Regional forums
  • Principal cluster meetings
  • Student conferences

Greg can deliver conference/seminar/training sessions on:

  • 21st century learning
  • Smart devices in smart schools
  • Student Engagement and Professional Learning Networks for Educators
  • Parenting in the 21st century
  • Motivated teachers create motivated students
  • Augmented Reality in Education
  • 21st century classrooms and how to engage students
  • Apps and Education


Looking for a fantastic speaker?

  • Business breakfasts
  • Staff Professional Development/training days/retreats
  • Regional seminars and forums
  • Focus group meetings
  • Conferences

Greg can deliver conference/seminar/training sessions on:

  • The next generation of technology is here
  • Is your business ready for generation Z
  • Social media in the workplace! How should we manage it?
  • New technology with a dash of humour
  • Innovation and smart technology. Apps for the workplace
  • Smart phone and smart devices of the future



Past Conferences

  • Bringing students together through ICT - Melbourne, Vic
  • Safer Internet Forum - Brussels, Belgium
  • Sir William Angliss Dinner - Camberwell Grammar- Vic
  • Eighth National Interactive Teaching and Learning Conference - Melbourne, Vic
  • Exploring ICT in Education - Doha, Qatar
  • Interactive Learning Technologies Festival - Melbourne, Vic
  • Fifth National Leading a Digital School - Melbourne, Vic
  • IWB Masterclass conference- Adelaide, SA
  • Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference - Gold Coast, Qld
  • ACEC - Perth, WA
  • ISQ Innovation Forum Brisbane, Qld
  • NECC - Washington, USA
  • ULearn -Christchurch, NZ
  • WCCE - Capetown, South Africa
  • NECC - Atlanta, USA
  • WCCE - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • FETC - Orlando, USA
  • ICTEV - Melbourne, Aus
  • Intel Innovations Conference - Dublin, Ireland
  • Manawatu ICT conference - Napier, NZ
  • CEGSA - Adelaide, Aus
  • Rotary International - Los Angeles, USA
  • ICT Integrators Conference, Wollongong, Aus
  • Auckland ICT Conference, Auckland, NZ


Twenty-first century learning seems to be the current buzz word, but do we really know what twenty-first century is? How can we predict what learning might look like in 20 - 50 years time?

Open learning spaces, interactive whiteboards and flexible laptop solutions. Now we have the iPad revolution and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Have they really made a difference? In some schools yes, but in many this approach may have made little difference.

Successful schools have a vision and a deep understanding of 21st century learning. These schools also invest in quality professional development and encourage champions to become greater champions in the classroom. They seek student and teacher voice so that everyone has a vested interest in success.

The biggest challenge for schools in the next five years will certainly be smart phones in schools. These devices along with a new range of exciting personal electronic devices will allow 21st century learning to move to a new dimension in schools. To create digital citizens, every school needs to upskill staff and to educate students and about the positives and negatives of the devices as well as how they can enhance learning and teaching in schools.

Innovative schools use innovative technology and have innovative teachers who have undertaken innovative professional development.

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Greg's Awards

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Presentations as part of study tours

  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • USA - Microsoft -Seattle
  • USA - Las Vegas Schools District
  • USA - New York Education Department


7th National Interactive Teaching and Learning Conference - Feedback
Greg's opening keynote was one of the most engaging and inspiring presentations i have seen. I have been to most of the major conferences around the world and this was as good or if not better than the opening keynotes at NECC, BECTA and others.

John Douglas, "Edusoft"

Conference Keynote - Feedback
I drove almost 2 hours today, wondering what the day would give me. Your presentation has been fantastic, brilliant and whatever else I could want for. Thank you very much

Ken Gill , "Teacher, Victoria Education Department "

Greg was listed in the Who's Who in Victoria, Inaugural Edition - 2008. For achievements that have shaped the Victorian and Australian Community.

Contact for bookings: greg@itvision.net.au

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